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Posted by on July 25, 2012

Are constantly escalating gas and electricity prices are bothering you and you are looking for a cheaper alternative? The only solution to your problem is gas and electricity comparison.This is an ideal space for you and your kind of people. is the official page of the company saveyourmoney. It is basically an insurance comparison website where one can compare gas and electricity prices. Gas and electricity comparison is essential to get a suitable and cheap gas and electricity deal for you. The website can be easily found on the internet by search terms “compare gas prices” and “compare gas and electric”.

Now coming to the website, the homepage has a very pleasing aesthetic look to it. The website structure and design has been planned and designed very well. The format is easy and soothing to your eyes. Like, I have always stressed on the importance of branding in making a company website successful, I am happy to find that the website has promoted its brand very well. The logo has been placed right on the top left. Introductory paragraph is self explanatory and immediately connects people. The efforts are quite visible that went into the making of the website. Introductory paragraph very well defines the objective and the unique selling point of the site. All menus and links are placed at appropriate positions and are easily visible throughout the complete website. On the negative side, I very much missed a blog and a customer testimonial section on the homepage which was quite surprising. This feature has become quite a regular and can be found in almost all the websites today. It is also good to find that the pages are not filled with advertisements and the homepage is not cluttered at all.

Content wise, the section that impressed me very much are “View product new”, “Features” and “Latest news” pages. The website has some great content that has valuable information for those who are looking for good gas and electricity deals. There is also a provision that interested people can fill out simple details and submit to compare different deals available in the market. Clicking on “Product guide” button takes you to a page that serves to be a gas and electricity guide.

In simple words, the website is a truly professional package with a very well planned and designed layout. It has almost all the impressive features that make a good insurance comparison website. The website is easy to navigate as there a number of links provided in all the pages and there are no broken links. The website is easy to use and can keep a user engaged. What I really liked about the website is that the unique selling point of the site has been stated on the homepage very well.

The only thing that I would recommend is to add a blog section and a customer testimonial section on the homepage. This would allow the users to interact and discuss various issues with them. I’ll give it 4 out of 5.

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