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Posted by on July 25, 2012 is a space dedicated especially to all the pensioners and senior citizens who are looking to give a boost to their monthly income post retirement. It won’t be wrong if I say that the website is just a pool of news on the topic “equity release scheme”. This is the official website of UK’s number one equity release specialist Key Retirement Solutions. I am not going by their claim that they are the number one but the fact is this even the search engines lists this website when I was looking for top retirement solution providers in UK.

Talking about the website, it is an epitome of the professionalism. The main thing to notice here is that they tried their best to provide every possible information about the matter which can even make a lay man understand well. The homepage downloads really fast without taking much time. The introductory paragraph itself defines it all, what is the purpose of the website, what is equity release and why do you need it. The logo of equity release offers shines bright right at the top left of the homepage which immediately lets a visitor know whose website is this and what it is all about. One really interesting thing to notice here is that they have provided a lot of links right on the homepage which is good to keep a visitor engaged. However, the homepage does look a little crowded as you may need to search for a particular item.

The website is rich in quality content which immediately grabs one’s attention wanting to know even more. “How to get started with equity release” section on the homepage is really interesting as they have explained the importance and need of equity release in details with each step. All the steps are explained in brief and are hyperlinked so that an interested visitor can go to the respective page to get the valuable information on the chosen matter. “Free calculator” block lets one to calculate the amount of equity that he can release. Equity release calculator from Keyrs really helps one to estimate the amount of equity he can release as per his age and financial requirements. The page “News” covers all the latest updates and things to see in the equity market which I found very informative. The page “Annuity” gives all information on different annuity schemes and a free online annuity calculator for any random visitor. “Others financial service” gives information about the other insurance services provided by the company. Also, both the Social networking block and blog section are placed right on the homepage.

In short, the website of Keyrs for equity release exhibits all the characteristics of a great website. It has great content and a lay out with a true methodical and professional approach. One can easily and effortlessly navigate through the website. The format is simple and easy to your eyes. There are no annoying flashy advertisements or unnecessary graphics. I will give it 3.5 out of 5.

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