Focal Point Fireplaces – Give a new makeover to your old fireplace!

Posted by on July 25, 2012 is the official website of Focal Point Fireplaces in Glasgow. The company Focal Point sell fireplaces in Glasgow. Now this is the right place for people who want to install fireplace in their houses or want to give a new makeover to their old fireplace. The company has years of experience in selling fireplaces in Glasgow and it specialises in design, manufacture and installation of fireplaces. They are known for their quality stone, marble and timber fireplaces. One can look for their bespoke services as they make customised fireplaces, tailored to fit your interiors well.

The home page looks beautiful and very well designed with pictures of different fireplace models. Just a visit to the homepage will make any person would easily make out what the website is all about. What I really liked about the website is that every element is strategically placed in the home page and you really don’t feel anything extra or unnecessary element here. You don’t need to search; everything is there right on the display. The introductory paragraph is well written and tells you that Focal Point sell fireplaces. Homepage downloads fast and can be easily found on the search engines by search names “fireplaces Glasgow”, “fireplace Glasgow”, “Glasgow fireplaces” and “fire places Glasgow”.

It was great to find almost every possible new age contemporary fireplace models displayed right on the homepage. There are numerous links and menus given to take you to the required information page. This feature allows an interested prospect to easily click on the desired model and land on a page giving all the required information about that specific product. The description of any item includes its features, installation and usage, price, discounts and all other relevant information. For example if you click on gas fires, the link will take you to the page giving detailed information on gas fires. The page also has pictures of different models of gas fires arranged in an ascending order of price.

Their year of experience in the industry, ideas and vision clearly shows in the website design. They also have amazing collection of hand crafted fireplaces, stove and solid fuel fires and radiator. One gets to find a range of options for a single choice. However, the only thing that I missed is a FAQ page where, people can make inquiries about the products. I would also recommend them to add a blog section, customer testimonial section and a social networking block to discuss and share the updated of the company. Customers’ testimonials lets the prospects know about the experience of current and past customers, about their satisfaction and dissatisfaction of services and products.

Otherwise, the website has a good potential to engage new users. I loved the Special offers section which gives information on all the latest offers on products by the company. In short, is good. However, a few changes and add on (as mentioned above) are required to make the place complete.

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