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Posted by on July 16, 2012 is for all those adventure loving people who love travelling by motorcycle. Long rides on motorcycle gives one a fun filled experience but there are some essentials that you cannot forget to have while venturing out. Motorcycle luggage is a must have on your long distant rides which helps you carry all necessary items that you may require during the trip. is the online store of Twisty Ride Touring Shop. The website caters to visitors looking for motorcycle luggage, motorcycle panniers, motorcycle waterproofs, motorcycle gears, tank covers etc. They also specialise in both motorcycle sport and adventure touring.

The website has been designed well with a perfect layout of pages. They have made good usage of photos and graphics to convey the message well. Homepage downloads fast and has all the menus and button working fine. Navigation through the website is very easy with all the related pages connected through the relevant links. The format is easy to your eye which makes the look of homepage aesthetically good. What I liked the most about the homepage is its background which is a photograph of a trail. This enhances the overall look of the homepage. All kinds of motorcycle essentials have been categorised on the left side which lets anyone choose the required item by just clicking on the link to land on the product description page. I also liked the way they have displayed the photos of all their featured products right on the homepage. This gives an idea about the top seller products and their respective brands available on the online store. Each item can be viewed on its respective product description page which includes photo of the item, its detailed information and the price. Zoom in option allows a customer to have a close look of the item to make a final decision on the product.

Content wise, I liked the sizing guide section that has every detail of the size that helps one find the right fit for his size. Return page covers all the issues related to return of products like how to return a product, how to cancel order, how to exchange orders etc. Delivery page covers all the details about delivery procedure, charges of delivery. Now, these three sections are very essential to run a successful e-commerce website, where purchases are being made without actually seeing and touching the products. All these details help one to have a hassle free and enjoyable shopping experience. There are two features that are sourly missed on the homepage. The first is a blog section where they can discuss the latest trends in the industry with the customers and the second is a facebook widget which lets the customers know all the latest updates of the company like, new product releases, company offers, sale etc.

To summarise, is indeed an e-commerce website but has its own flavour to it. Only a few tweaks are required to make it a more sought after place for all bikers.


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