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Posted by on July 16, 2012

Stylish kitchen worktops makes a kitchen look smart and classy. Today, with so many options of kitchen worktops available to choose from, one can give a good makeover to his or her kitchen. So, all those who are planning to add glamour and class to their kitchen by installing new kitchen worktops, this is the place for you. is the official website of CFW kitchen store, where they are showcasing a range of worktops made of different materials, be it wood, laminate or any other. They cater to all types of customer requirements.

Introductory paragraph defines the purpose of the website as here they proclaim to offer high quality cheap kitchen worktops. The website promises to find you top quality products at a very reasonable price. I’ll call it a smart gesture as in a way; they have started marketing their USP right on the homepage. Branding is very important to get it be known among people in the crowd of many other and here they have done exactly the same. Homepage downloads quickly and has a very catchy look because of the usage of graphics and photos. There is an array of photos of attractive kitchen worktops displaying right on the middle of the homepage, which makes anyone, want to install in one’s own kitchen. One glance to the website makes a random visitor know what the website is all about and what it has to offer. The homepage looks neat with all the menus, contents and buttons at the right positions. The products have been categorized by brands and by materials used in the making that displays on the right hand side of the homepage. This is quite a good feature to be seen in good websites which helps buyers to directly go to the desired product page and make the transaction. I also liked the option called product search which allows you to type a particular product of your choice on the search bar and it will display the list of products under that category.

Content wise, I liked their introductory paragraph. Blog section is full of interesting posts. One thing that I would like to point out is that the font size is really small and it really takes effort to read small texts. Also, they have covered brief introduction of all their product ranges on the homepage itself which was really not required as they have already included separate pages to cover different types of products. This makes the homepage look a bit crowded which is not desirable to see in a good website design. For example, “Wood worktops” appears on the top that takes you to the page where you find an elaborate description of wooden kitchen worktops and their range of products from different manufacturers. Despite that, a brief introduction to wooden worktops has been included below the introductory paragraph on the homepage which could have been avoided.

In totality, is a good website and has almost all the features of an efficient website. I’ll give it 4 out of 5. They only need to work on few weak issues to make it even better.


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