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Posted by on July 4, 2012

If you are a Scottish facing financial difficulties and worry about managing your debts, this website, is just created to rescue you out of your crisis. An instant glance and you will get to know what all it has to offer. Yes! This site is no entertainment but it is especially for those people residing in Scotland and financially struggling with debts. Of course one may think that they are a loan provider finance company but the fact is that they are doing a wonderful job by helping out people to cope up with their debts with the help of government legislation.
The website is very well thought out, planned and constructed and hardly takes any time to get downloaded. Homepage of trust deed Scotland is content rich giving too many information at the same time. So I just found the homepage a little crowded. They could have provided the same info in many different pages. However, the content is great and truly justifies with the actual matter. Also, the Facebook widget is missing which is very common to see nowadays and a medium to pull more potential customers to the website. However, one good thing to notice is that they have provided direct links on the homepage itself that takes a user to action pages directly without searching here and there. The introductory paragraph has contents describing the purpose of the website very well. The font size of the texts is large enough to be readable.
I liked the very fact that they haven’t used flashy colours for displays and therefore the essence of the matter didn’t get lost. There is a section called “What is trust deed?” at the top middle of the page, clicking on which takes you to the page which lets the user know what the site is all about and how do they do their job. The main USP of this site is that the user will be happy for sure to find that the site is of potential use to them. The unique selling point of the site should be stated on the homepage.
They also provide a trust deed wizard which is a kind of calculator using which you can find out whether you are eligible to avail the services or not. This feature immediately catches your fancy and anyone would like to use it. This makes the site quite interactive and creates a feeling of looking for more in the website. has everything that a prospect is looking for and would love to come back for more updates and information.
Contact phone numbers of their different branches have been given on the top right. All the pages are well laid out and include graphics and messages. There are no undesirable pop up messages and advertisements to drive your attention away from the main matter. The website is up to the standards and I’ll score it 4 out of 5. In totality, the Trust deeds Scotland deserves praises for all the good work.

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