Trust deed Scotland – Provide financial remedial action to help you out of debts

Posted by on July 4, 2012

Visiting this website, is like taking first step towards correcting your finances as you can with careful credit rebuilding, address the balance in your favour. The website clearly proclaims that Scottish trust deeds provide financial remedial action that utilises government legislation to bail out people, who are struggling with their finances to repay the debts. The website is like a breeze of fresh air in today’s tough economical situation. The website belongs to the Trust deeds, an organisation that helps thousands of Scottish people out of debt with the help of government backed legislation. This website gives all the required information about what it is and how does it perform its job.
I found the website very interactive as there is a series of question displayed right on the homepage itself. All you have to do is to click on the links to land in the answer pages. Every question is well thought out because the questions are quite common to strike any individual visiting the site. They have also made a provision for the user to ask any possible question regarding their services and will require the user to fill the necessary details like name, age etc. to post a question. Even the trust deed wizard is right on the homepage which would enable a person to know if he is eligible for the trust deeds Scotland services. All these features make the website both interesting and interactive at the same time. But, I definitely missed the customer testimonial section and also the Facebook widget on the home page. However, the website has the ability to keep the user engaged and develops an interest about the matter. The user gets a feeling of wanting more to know about them and won’t even mind coming back for more for sure.
The website is well planned and designed. Every single detail has been highlighted to give maximum possible information. The homepage downloads fast and it has every section placed at the correct position. The important icons are placed right at the top and one can easily identify them without any need to search here and there. The link “Apply for a trust deed” takes you to the page where enough guidance and help is given while applying for a trust deed Scotland. “Finding the debt solution” section deals with the factors which need to be assessed to find a debt solution that matches ones financial requirements.
The format of the website is pleasing to the eyes as the font size of the texts is large enough to be easily readable. The background colour is white which is good for such content rich websites as it helps one to concentrate on the matter. The contact info is given right on the top right which may help a prospect to call and make enquiries. One more thing to be liked about it is that there are no pop up messages and advertisements. The website scores decently on my standards and I would really not mind to come back here again.

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