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Posted by on July 4, 2012

Well, the website, in question is probably a Mecca for all those people, who are into running and cycling. Yes, we all very well realise the importance of running and cycling in boosting the stamina and shedding those extra tires around the waist. But, it is only after visiting this website that I realised the very role of cycling clothes and running clothes in your overall performance. Comfortable clothing not only lets a cyclist or a runner to move with ease but also provides adequate comfort while in action. The website is definitely worth to be a favourite among the racers and cyclists as they have an impressive range of clothing for both men and women.
It is basically an official e-commerce website of the brand Gore. The websites showcases a range of both Gore running wear and Gore bike wear. Being a premium brand, the website showcases clothes that have attractive design and functionality to stay ahead season after season. The brand has its in-house designer who is definitely credible as it reflects in their collection. Their clothing line comprises of bike and running clothes that are made of lightweight fabrics and are developed to give you the utmost comfort when in the low racing or running position. I will strongly recommend you to come and browse through it as their collection is inspired by new trends in sports, lifestyle and fashion. Their pricing is also very reasonable and suits all budgets. The most interesting feature of the website that I liked is the pictures of their products. Every detailing of the clothes can be easily viewed by zooming in the photos. Measurement guide is also given to get you a better idea of the fitting of any clothing item.
The website design is up to the mark and shows that it has been very strategically planned and built. I liked the entire layout as the top left section has many links to different sections such as, men’s product, women’s product, services, customer support and their blog. The services section gives all the relevant and important information about their customer services. The blog content is great and lets you know about the latest trends in the world of fashion related to sports. The content is interesting and something to look forward to. The only thing to complain is the absence of facebook and twitter block where people can connect and be aware of their latest updates. Overall, the site has a welcoming presence that would make people wanting to know more. I also liked the fact that there is no annoying pop up messages and advertisements that would make people lose interest and get distracted from the site itself.
All in all, I think the website, is a good performer and has the capability to keep the visitors engaged and look for more information. I will probably give it 4 out of 5. However, continuous efforts and a few tweaks are required to keep the good work going.

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