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“INSURING YOUR PRECIOUS LIFE – BLOG REVIEW” is a blog, dedicated to one of UK’s comparison website i.e. “SAVE YOURSELF MONEY”, different to other websites as it includes money saving offers making more of money saving site than just a comparison site. Save Yourself Money ( is part of the Save Britain Money group of companies. This company is devoted to help clients save money on as many products as it can from Utilities to Loft Insulation.

To insure the future of the customer through insuring their car, home, life, travel, van, bike and pet is the main aim of “SAVE YOURSELF MONEY”.

In Life insurance category, various services provided are i.e. life insurance, life insurance quotes, life cover etc.

I found, the life insurance page of this company’s website contains some effective introduction lines which is the clone of actual body of it. The presence of the photo of a sweet family is very attractive. Picture and image can better influence human mind than anything else. The web page of the website also gives information about the purpose of life insurance.

Keeping the link of some social networking sites i.e. Face book and LinkedIn on the home page of the website is very interesting part of this website is to which it is connected. So clients are easily connected to this website and updating themselves by the recent news and features about “SAVE YOURSELF MONEY” ( insurance).

Very significant and successful aspect of “ insurance” which i found is that it has one division, displayed in the webpage i.e. Exclusive Offers, Solar panels, PPI claims, Loft and Cavity Insulation etc. are the exclusive offers of this website.

The webpage of “ insurance” contains one useful and fascinating “GET STARTED FORM” to start the service.

In Summary, “INSURING YOUR PRECIOUS LIFE-BLOG REVIEW” is a blog explains the services provided by the “ insurance” website and its worth effectively.

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